Private Label Brands

Best Yet®, Piggly Wiggly®, White Rose®, Exceptional Value™, and Nature’s Finest® brands are owned and licensed by C&S Wholesale Grocers. We are also the licensed distributors of both the IGA® and Parade® labels.



Best Yet® Brand

We call it heritage, but you could also call it tradition. Since 1893, Best Yet® has worked continuously to earn its reputation as a brand of dependable products. Best Yet® offers a national brand equivalent and quality products priced competitively, including truckload buying opportunities.

Consumers are buying store brand private label products today more than ever, with the objective of purchasing high-quality products with the best possible value, at a savings over the national brand equivalent. The Best Yet® brand, owned by an affiliate of C&S, has been addressing these needs for over 100 years! The  Best Yet®label design provides a family look to the private brand line that is easily recognized across all product categories.

The Best Yet® product assortment offers a vast array of choices throughout the store. From our Community Cash Back Program for non-profit organizations to our Double Your Money Back Guarantee – Best Yet® is the brand of choice!











Piggly Wiggly® Brand 

Piggly Wiggly®, America's first true self-service grocery store, was founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1916 by Clarence Saunders and has become a southern icon.

 In grocery stores of the early 1900s, shoppers presented their orders to clerks who gathered the goods from the store shelves. Saunders, a flamboyant and innovative man, noticed this method resulted in wasted time and man-hours. So, he came up with an unheard-of solution that would revolutionize the entire grocery industry – he developed a way for shoppers to serve themselves.

 Today's Piggly Wiggly® retailers know and understand their customers, as well as the communities in which they live and work. The Piggly Wiggly® brand proudly stands for quality and integrity and to the millions of customers it serves - Piggly Wiggly® is a trusted friend.

 Since its founding in 1916, having the vision to anticipate the ever-changing needs of their customers has positioned Piggly Wiggly® retailers and the Piggly Wiggly® brand to remain a viable presence in the supermarket industry today, and in the years to come. 



White Rose® 

Since 1886, the White Rose Brand has been a trusted household name in the New York metropolitan area and adjoining states in the Northeast. These customers recognize that they can purchase high quality products with the best value at a savings over the national brand. We have refreshed the packaging inclusive of adding a Double Your Money Back Guarantee.





Exceptional Value

We embarked on a journey to develop a full-fledged “value” label to appeal to value conscious  consumers. We have been successful with this label in  Center Store selling to independents nationwide. This brand segment provides a value niche for independent grocers.



Nature's Finest

This brand offers natural and organic offerings in our perishable departments to our independent retailers.