C&S aspires to become a more sustainable, earth-friendly enterprise. With encouragement from senior leadership, C&S is in the process of developing an environmental sustainability roadmap called “The (Green) Path Forward.”

The Conservation Fund is our national nonprofit partner in environmental sustainability. Since 2007, C&S Wholesale Grocers and The Conservation Fund have offset nearly 1 million metric tons of CO2, planted more than 125,000 trees and protected more than 500 acres of working forests.

We are working to become better environmental stewards and to reduce our environmental impact in multiple areas:

C&S made great strides in energy conservation and efficiencies in our buildings through:

  • Installation of LED Lighting
    Since 2013, LED lighting projects have been completed at 23 C&S facilities. The LED lighting systems utilize intelligent controls that automatically shut off or dim lights when no occupants are in an aisle or on the dock. This project has and will continue to save millions of kilowatt hours per year.
  • Upgraded Battery Chargers
    We installed iBOS Battery Management Systems in distribution centers in four states, leading to a 3.8% reduction in batteries and a 2.5% reduction in chargers.
  • Improved Refrigeration Operations
    C&S has launched a pilot study at our freezer distribution center in Aberdeen, MD. The study will lead to development of a Refrigeration Energy Management Plan to be implemented throughout the Company.
  • Expanded Energy Star Portfolio®Manager
    We identified efficiency opportunities in 30 facilities using Energy Star®.

C&S is constantly working toward minimizing its environmental footprint, including a commitment to recycling and waste management. The amounts below represent the materials kept out of landfills in fiscal year 2019.

  • Office paper: 25 tons*
  • Warehouse paper: 111 tons
  • Cardboard: 17.582 tons
  • Plastic shrink wrap: 3,153 tons
  • Wooden pallets: 76,626 tons
  • Food: 555 tons**
  • Computers and servers: 21 tons
  • Metal: 23 tons
    * Does not include our corporate offices.
    **This represents non-edible food.

Regulatory Compliance
We carefully manage our fuel tanks, air permits, storm water plans, regulated waste and process safety/risk management program.

Our 700 new and upgraded tractors and refrigerated trailers are efficient and engineered with:

  • Cutting edge transmission technology (governs speed and helps support enhanced fuel consumption)
  • Aluminum wheels (reduces vehicle weight)
  • Aero caps, skirts and cab extenders (reduces air drag)
  • Electric standby for refrigerated trailers (reduced emissions and noise)
  • Low-rolling resistant tires with 3x recapping capability and inflation systems (extended tire life, reduced air drag and reduced fuel consumption)
  • Recent accomplishments:
    • 7 million gallons of diesel eliminated
    • 1 alternative fuel pilot
    • Aerodynamic enhancements
    • Scrap recycling (approx. 3 million pounds)
  • Reefer emissions technology to reduce:
    • CO2 GHG by 55%
    • Particulate matter by 58%
    • Hydrocarbons (NOx) by 45%

Additional Initiatives

  • Disaster Response: C&S also steps in when national and international disasters strike. From 9/11 to Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Harvey and Maria, to floods and large-scale wildfires, C&S responds quickly and with compassion. We provide food, financial resources and sometimes employee donations for those affected. We support the frontline efforts of our partners, including the American Red Cross, to meet immediate needs in times of great challenge.
  • C&S Print Shop: Our Vermont-based Print Shop uses eco-friendly inks and paper that:
    • Is made in the USA, including some from wind power, using trees that are responsibly forested;
    • Contains some post-consumer content; and
    • Is Green E Certified and/or Carbon Neutral, and/or VIP®-2 technology